Aaron Maas

Meet Aaron: for the last 15 years he has been in the renovation/construction industry. It all started in 2000 he started out framing new homes and thrived and engaged and became intrigued in the whole home building concept. He continued to frame homes, garages, sheds, building decks, really any wood related projects. He than branched out and started learning and being schooled on the whole aspect of renovations and learning to piece a home together from start to finish. He learned how to tile, carpet, install hardwood and laminate flooring. He then branched from that into bathrooms, kitchens, home extensions, bonus rooms, sunrooms and more.
Aaron was previously a superintendent of home builders for multiple building companies and also worked with companies as their top carpenter. A skilled carpenter by trade, Aaron always had an eye for wanting to do better for himself and his family. He decided to go out on his own and opened up his own company – Maas Inc. He know this was the right time to do so with all the great feedback and compliments he had received. In 2015 he took the plunge and hasn’t looked back since – a steady line of work has proven that this was the right choice.
“I have never been happier” “I love what I do”
Here is to another 15 years in this industry, building and seeing my company grow…
Aaron hopes that his two boys will grow the same passion he has so that he will be able to hand down his tools and knowledge and see them grow this amazing company for many more years to come.